We have… hands-down the most powerful Facebook list building and traffic post creator.

Effortlessly create an engaging and interactive post and instantly convert any visitor into a subscriber.

Import your Facebook ads posts and organic posts and set up comment guards, recover leads and broadcast promotional contents to subscribers

You Can Use 10xSocial To:

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You can charge your customers and clients what you like, set them up in the dashboard and give them their very own login details. And there is nothing to Upload, Host, Configure or Support... A Complete 'Done For You' Business.

Sell access to 10xSocial directly to your own clients for a one-time or a monthly payment and pocket 100% of the profits. Your clients can collect their own emails and their own ads - all via their unique logins.

Sell Lead Gen & Messenger Marketing Services

With 10xSocial, you can help engage fans of influencers who already have their own fan pages. Simply set up 10xSocial for them, and leads will start flowing in, and engaging on autopilot. This one time set up can help you and your clients get sales for months and years to come.

...and with the sub-account feature, if your contract ends, you can always turn off 10xSocial for your client (unless they are happy to pay the price you demand!)

Create Sub-Account Access For Team Members

You can use some sub-accounts to give access to your team members to help you manage your new business.

Grow your business faster by adding a few additional hands to your account.

Create & Manage Client Projects & Campaigns

This makes it simple to manage multiple clients’ accounts at once.

You can even save specific workflows to automate parts of your client's engagement and communication. It's really easy to do.

We have made everything point-n-click easy & accessible from right inside your dashboard.

There are thousands of business desperately looking for your services on…


Partner up with established sellers or start your own gig and start receiving orders for messenger marketing!

Upwork Or Freelancer

Plenty of businesses are looking for those with insights into what ads are working. You can apply to their job offer and use 10xSocial to help solve their problem!

Facebook Groups

You can find messenger marketing & advertising groups and reach out to see if anyone is looking for ways to 10x their lead generation using messenger marketing!

Remember – with 10xSocial you’re in a unique position to provide PREMIUM messenger marketing services - and help generate leads and make sales.

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(c) 2020 Copyright by 10Social. All rights reserved.

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Look - you've probably seen Facebook Messenger software like ManyChat. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING takes messenger marketing to the next level like 10xSocial. It is the PERFECT combination of personal communication with THOUSANDS of people at the same time...

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10xSocial Agency License

10X SOCIAL Is Packed With Powerful Features That Will Make You The #1 VIDEO Messenger Marketing Agency

Remember, 10xSocial will help you:

Watch a complete demo of this app in action:

Send Broadcasts Messages

Text To Speech

Comment Guards

Post Composer

Chat widget

Post Finder


1-Click Seamless Integration with SMS PROVIDERS

Easily Connect With ANY Major Autoresponder

EXCLUSIVE - Sell 10xSocial As Your Own Software - Charge What You Want, Keep 100%

Go Beyond 10xSocial - Sell Accounts And Control Access With Your Own Dashboard

Q: What is the minimum price I can sell these licenses at?

The minimum price to sell a 10xSocial sub-account is $50. You may not sell these licenses on JVzoo.

Q: Can I give these licenses away for free?

No, you cannot give these away for free.

Q: Can I give these licenses as a bonus?

Yes, you can do that. As long as the price of the item being sold is over $50, you can add this license as a bonus.

Q: Do I get sales material?

Yes - we give you our emails, VSL scripts and Landing Pages. If you already have Funnelvio, you can 1-click import these landing pages.

Q: I need additional advice and help - can you help?

Absolutely - you can reach out to us at support@10xsocial.io



Sell This Software As Your Own And Keep 100% - Monthly Or One-Time

Create And Sell Unlimited Sub-Accounts For Your Clients

Includes Dedicated Reseller Panel _ Built-In SMTP

We Provide All Customer Support To Your Clients

Send Or Schedule Behavioural Messenger Video Messages

Record Your Voice Or Convert Text To Speech And ENGAGE With Leads On Complete Autopilot

100% Conversion Rate Ensures You Never Lose Traffic, Lead And Sales Again On Facebook

Combine The Power Of Messenger & Video To Get Your Clients Record Engagement & Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Stay Informed

Send video messages with call to action buttons to all your contacts.

  • Voice Message

Record your voice and send or schedule to your contacts

  • Audio Message

Send your podcasts, music and any audio recording to everyone that engages with you via live chat.

Convert any text into audio in any language… and schedule it as a response in a chat. We have built-in more than 50 voices both male and female to choose from… and support well over 60 languages.

Now respond to users comments on your fan page with highly interactive contents that will enable you to build a list very fast.

This A.I powered Facebook Auto Messenger Responder turns your posts into a hot traffic driving and selling point.

Easily Set-Up your own marketing funnel design…

Set up a Messenger drip campaign to welcome and nurture new visitors & leads.

  • Ask them questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.
  • Turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts!
  • Invite them to stay in touch as a subscriber.
  • Shorten Your Facebook page listed response time dramatically— and gain more trust!
  • Send them info about your products, services and promotions.
  • Turn your page fans into leads by sending follow-up messages to!
  • CTA Video messenger post

Create sexy VIDEO AD POSTS FOR FREE and fully take advantage of Facebook messenger and videos to tap into organic traffic like never before.

  • CTA image post:

Create a FREE FACEBOOK IMAGE ad post to trigger a conversation between your chatbot and a visitor.

These are tools that make it easy for visitors, prospects or customers to start conversations with you from your website or email communications, or offline media such as fliers and in-store signs and ads.

This tool helps users to expand and re-engage their audience.

10X SOCIAL comes with built-in:

  • Chat Plugin
  • m.me Links
  • Send to Messenger Plugin
  • Checkbox Plugin
  • Message Us Plugin

Provisions to use Free SMTP providers such as Gmail and Yahoo to follow up with leads.

  • Send Personal Video Messages Inside Facebook Messenger Automatically
  • Skyrocket Traffic, Engagement And Leads Using Personalised Automations
  • Combine the power of videos, SMS & Emails to get 10x more leads, sales, and results.
  • Get Your Clients Record Engagement & Conversions
  • Send, Schedule, Record, Convert, Combine and Create Automated Video Messages with ZERO Technical Skills
  • Send Broadcast Voice Messages, Audio Messages, & Image Messages
  • Convert any text into audio in any language… and schedule it as a response in a chat.
  • Ask your audience questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.
  • 500 Sub-Accounts you can sell
  • Keep 100% of Profits Selling 10xSocial
  • Each Sub-Account maps to the UNLIMITED license 
  • Customers can auto-upgrade from inside the app to the PRO license, and you get paid EXTRA commissions every year.
  • You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.
  • Get Our Emails
  • Get Our VSL Scripts
  • Get Our Landing Pages
10xSocial Agency
10xSocial Agency